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How To Use The Instax SHARE Printer App

We all know and love instax cameras, right? It’s hard to beat the excitement of watching your new print pop out, and to see the image come alive in front of your eyes, but with the instax SHARE printer app, it’s now even easier to create and keep instax prints.

If you’ve taken a great picture with your phone or FUJIFILM X Series camera, all you need to do to create cute instax prints instantly is to get your hands on an instax SHARE SP-2 or SHARE SP-3 printer, load in some film, download the app and you’re ready to start printing. Here’s our guide to help you get started…

Getting Started With The Instax SHARE Printer App

When you first download and open the instax SHARE app, then you’ll need to select which printer you have.


Don’t worry if you have both types of printers as you can switch between models later on by accessing the Printer Model Setting in the Settings menu. Select the one you’ll be using now and click ‘OK’.

instax SHARE SP-3 printer with phone

To start browsing for photos, click on ‘Select from the gallery’, this allows you to view all of the images stored on your smartphone.

There are also options to print images from your Instagram or Facebook accounts, too, so you can share with your friends those party moments from social media straight away. Simply tap the icon and then log in to your social media account. There are even options to print images from Dropbox, Google Photos and Flickr. Also, did you know that if you’ve got a compatible FUJIFILM X Series camera, such as the X-T100, you can even print direct from your camera to the printer?

Make sure your printer is turned on, as well as the Wi-Fi on your smartphone. Some Android users may also need to turn on their GPS location setting. When searching for your printer, it should show up as INSTAX followed by the serial number, which is on the bottom of your printer. Once you’ve selected your photo, you’ll be taken to the preview page. If you want to print your picture straight away, hit ‘Connect and Print’ and wait for the magic to happen! If you want to get even more creative with your photos, read on…

Choosing a picture on instax share app

Get Creative With The Instax SHARE Printer App

With the image selected, you have the option to edit your picture on the right-hand side of the screen. Tap the ‘Edit’ button and you’ll be able to:

– Edit the picture
– Zoom in or rotate your image
– Add a filter

Use the Intelligence Filter (our fave) to bring out the best in your photo or convert it to Black & White or Sepia

Customise your photo

Choose this option to adjust the brightness, contrast or saturation of your image.

editing a picture on instax share app

When you’re happy with your changes tap ‘OK’ or cancel to revert back to your original shot and be taken back to the preview screen.

Once you’ve edited the image, you can try out these…

Make Colleges & Templates With The Instax SHARE Printer App

Add a template
Insert your image into a cool template for a special occasion and even add your own text. There are a wide variety of templates to cover all sorts of events, such as birthdays, Halloween and Christmas.

Choose a collage to add multiple images to one print! Swipe through the designs to pick which layout you like and then tap the ‘+’ symbols to add in extra images

Split your photo
Print one photo across multiple instax prints to create a larger picture when you place your shots together.

Add real-time info
With Real Time Templates you can take an image on your phone and information, such as the date, time, location and weather, will appear on the top of your print, so you can remember exactly where you were when you took the photo.

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