#FILLTHEWORLD – Behind the scenes! – instax – fotocamere e stampanti per cellulari istantanee – by FUJIFILM

#FILLTHEWORLD – Behind the scenes!

So what exactly goes into making an Ad? 

This is a question we all tend to overlook when we see ads on TV, YouTube, social media and so on. So for our #FILLTHEWORLD campaign ads we got someone behind the scenes to capture what went on to give you a little taste of what goes into it!

How many people does it take?

– A crew of 23 Mad Ruffians – Our production company
– 7 agency staff from M&C Saatchi
– 3 from our instax team – including the behind the scenes videographer
– 7 lead actors
– 30 background (extras) actors

So that’s a whopping 70 in total – quite a lot for such a shoot!

Did you know? 

The shooting venue was a residential warehouse where 17 people live!  They hold big raves and parties there, and many of the residents popped in while we were filming.  

– All 3 of our ad videos were filmed in one day which was very ambitious!
– To get everyone working together on set, we played the music and then everyone had to FREEZE at just the right moment! If anyone in the background moved, we had to shoot the whole thing again (not always easy with 32 people in a scene.)

– We shot the foreground actors against green screen and then composited them against the background actors to give the illusion of them floating into the air.
– The ceilings were made with CGI and then a destruction simulation was created to explode them!


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